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President Message

Where the past decade a new page in the history of our beloved country Afghanistan & Afghanistan has seen growth in all areas.
But the industries of Afghanistan has not grown as much as itís necessary. In this regard the role of the state is considered graceful.
National industries in a country considered as one of the critical infrastructure, particular attention should be done in this area, this is an industry that brings economic growth, broad brought employment optimizer, and to solve the unemployment issue.
Now itís on us & always try, through provision of good working relationships with relevant agencies and institutions, providing designs, plans, suggestions and helpful advice to government authorities in order to help country for build prosperity and development of industrial activities. For achieving the above goals, I hope from all colleagues, industrials & private sector activists to come to gather & donít hesitate from any kind of cooperation & efforts with me. To be in the clear provisions of the constitution, Economic policy in Afghanistan and Industry Association, Better implementation of the Platform for growth, development of industrial activities will lead the country to development and prosperity.
It is imperative that we expand in our industry modernization and installation of new technology for efficient & effective production in factories, better quality products, competitive products, better working environment for staff workers, and maintain an active environment.

Representing the directors Board of Afghanistan Industrial Association, for achieving this aim of industrials & creating the working opportunities & access of people to appropriate work and national industries progress, at any time and period will never hesitate from efforts.
In conclusion, it is thanks to the efforts and performance of election commission and Executive Board of Afghanistan industrial Association, despite the numerous challenges the eighth round of elections were held successfully in Afghanistan Industrial Association, I sincerely appreciated.
Also thanking for Participation of All industrials in 8th general assembly of Afghanistan Industrial Association, in which everyone play their role in successfully holding of mentioned election.

Hoping industrialized and prosperous Afghanistan.

Abdul jabbar Safi
President of Afghanistan Industrial Association (AIA)





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