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Afghanistan Industrial Association (AIA) defending the legal rights and solving the problems of industrials, artisans, members and their companies according to its statute & implemented law of the country.
Also defending the rights of industrials in case of violating the law or against of constitution, in which mentioned to grow & develop the national industries of the country. OR in case of violating procedures, non-implementation of works by government and concern departments, AIA defending the legal rights in all above mentioned cases, especially in implementation of law regarding the industries.
Afghanistan Industrial Association solve the issues such as production, market, employees etc, which arises among the industrials & members of AIA by conducting a meeting & assign the committee including the executive board of AIA, the assigned committee make a decision which should acceptable to all parties and they will liable to implement this decision.
Following are the activities which done by AIA:-
In addition to arbitrate among the members of this association, sending & receiving the official letters to concern departments which explained broadly in membership benefits of AIA in different membership categories, like 1st , 2nd & 3rd category.
Such as:- The first category of the membership (A): Holder of this category having the “A” membership with AIA, in addition of services is for B & C categories, following services also provided to the holder of category “A” membership:

1. The Introduction of a written order of the members to embassies for receiving the business visas.
2. Subscribe to prepare group members to conferences and trade fairs are organized by departments.
3. Introduce the group members to conferences, seminars, symposiums and trade fairs are organized by national and international bodies concerned;
4. The introduction of a written order of the members in the group private and public banks, finance companies and other lending agencies to obtaining the loan;
5. Issuance of Card (A) for Vehicles of this group members.
6. Legal services, mediation and arbitration for the members of the group;
7. “A” membership card issued to the group members.

AIA always made and will make effort For Keeping the living environment especially in working area and related area to industrial parks. Also creating patriotic spirit among the members of this association for making well and better the quality and quantity of production.
Also creating good relations among industrials & sharing of experience b/w each other for modernizing the industries. And to all multilateral cooperation and legal principles which are not mentioned here work as an institution which is defender of industrials legal right.


President Message

Abdul jabbar Safi

Where the past decade a new page in the history of our beloved country Afghanistan & Afghanistan has seen growth in all areas.
But the industries of Afghanistan has not grown as much as it’s necessary. In this regard the role of the state is considered graceful.
National industries in a country considered as one of the critical infrastructure, particular attention should be done in this area, this is an industry that brings economic growth, broad brought employment optimizer, and to solve the unemployment issue.

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