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History of the AIA (Afghanistan Industrial Association)

AIA (Afghanistan Industrial Association) founded in year 2002 at Industrial Park of pule charkhi, Kabul – Afghanistan. Gradually all the factories of industrial park, other locations of kabul & provinces like Herat, Nangarhar, Mazare sharif & Kandahar included in the membership of AIA, the main purpose of membership in AIA is to defend the legal rights of industrials to support the industry sector of the country.

For the first time after establishment of AIA & receiving the No.1 license from ministry of justice, Islamic republic of Afghanistan, in its first general assembly meeting  Mr. Ahmad Ratib Popal elected as the president of AIA & Mr. Abdul Jabar Safi & Mr. Maroof gul Zadran elected as the vice presidents of AIA.

While it’s mentionable that before year 2002, AIA was also active in industrial park but not in a manner as it is today, because on that period there was present the small number of factories which has the membership of AIA.

AIA (Afghanistan Industrial Association) after year 2002  play key role in civil activities & rights of the artisan &  industrials while defend the legal rights of industrials in all over the country, that’s why all provinces receive the membership of AIA.

AIA follow the specific goal & objectives according to the statute of the AIA :-

(1):- To defend the rights of industrials, during the law implementation & creation those who has the membership of AIA.

(2) To develop, expand, modernize the National Industries & to prevent the import of those products which produces inside the country.

(3) To develop the internal relations for the purpose of developing National industries.

(3) Studying of internal markets & present the business proposals.

(5) Collection of industrial, commercial & academic information and distribute it among the members of AIA.

(6) Keeping & maintaining good relations with officials & governmental agencies.

(7) Conducting events & exhibitions inside the country & coordinate the mentions outside the country.

(8) Keeping relations with internal banks for the purpose to maintain AIA assets & providing credits, loan facilities to the members of AIA.

(9) Motivating & courage the government officials, vocational centers & universities to train & develop the personal of factories & vital participating in workshops, seminars for the developing of labor skills which are conducting by mentioned officials.

(10) Specifying the budget of AIA, for well performing the affairs, creating the eagerness of work, sense of patriotism & good relations among the industrials for developing the National economy.

(11) Keeping the environment & coordinate the environment keeping with concern officials for safety & healthy environment & remove the debris from area by concerns.

AIA (Afghanistan Industrial Association) in regard of above issues, focused on that we can achieve the all mentioned goals by considering the benefit of our country & removing the poverty from country & arranging all the tasks by following.

(12) Every seeker having Afghan nationality & pass 18 year age, have the license of industry can be the member of AIA.

(13) All seekers, must having Afghan nationality, if they are educated or uneducated can be the member of AIA.

(14) Foreigner seekers which having partnership with Afghan seekers can be the member of AIA, it’s mentionable that they will got honorary membership by permission of Ministry of justice- Afghan government, in that case one copy of  full name will be send to concern department of justice ministry of Afghan government.

(15) Every Seeker who accept & implement the statute of AIA, can be the member of AIA & vice versa.

Rights of the Member

(16) Every member of AIA having the equal rights.

(17)  Every member of AIA having the freedom of expression.

(18) Every member of AIA having the right of one vote & free to vote.

(19) Every member having the right to candidate him/herself for the president, vice president, member board of directors & the member board of executives of AIA.

Duties of the Member

(20) Every member must attend the general assembly meeting.

(21) Make efforts in increasing the quantity, quality, developing, modernizing the products & leads it to new technology.

(22) Make efforts continually in developing the financial budget of AIA.

(23) Having active role in distributing & explaining the goal of AIA.

All members are liable to attend those meetings in which there attendance is necessary which meetings called by the board of directors, especially general assembly meeting which’s conducted according to the statute of AIA.

Every member of AIA is liable to pay the membership fee, which’s specified by the members of AIA.

All members of AIA, by cooperation & consulting with each other should make efforts on expansion of their industries, sound competition in the market, keeping safe environment, modernize the industry, installation of new technology in factories, provision of safety working environment for labors & employees, increasing the budget of AIA & helping the eligible applicants through AIA (Afghanistan industrial Association).

Violation of above all mentioned  cases (absenteeism in meetings, failure to pay the membership fee,  un sound competition among the members & all other predicted prevent cases in statute of AIA will lead to finishing the membership with AIA.

It’s mentionable that in 8th general assembly of AIA following respected personalities elected as:-

(1)  Haji Sakhi Ahmad “Paiman” from Paiman ice cream factory titled as the president of AIA.

(2)  Haji Abdul Jabar “Safi” from Shohrat plastic factory titled as the vice president of AIA.

(3)  Haji Abdul Samad “Saeedy” from Sharq Sewatch Company titled as the vice president of AIA.

And 18 other members of AIA selected by free & secret vote as the board of directors member.

From establishment of AIA (Afghanistan Industrial Association) till now has great achievements, may other some tasks not completed while  also by contacting with concern governmental departments, media & sending memos to mentioned departments AIA solved most of issues, while Directors board of  AIA determined to fulfill & implement the all legal requirements of artisan (industrials).

For achieving of above mentions, unity & honesty among the members is too much important and should have the variability among each other.

The Directors board of AIA, at every moment & period will never denied the efforts for achieving the mentioned goals of AIA.


President Message

Abdul jabbar Safi

Where the past decade a new page in the history of our beloved country Afghanistan & Afghanistan has seen growth in all areas.
But the industries of Afghanistan has not grown as much as it’s necessary. In this regard the role of the state is considered graceful.
National industries in a country considered as one of the critical infrastructure, particular attention should be done in this area, this is an industry that brings economic growth, broad brought employment optimizer, and to solve the unemployment issue.

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